Graphtec kiss cut

The auto sheet feeder reloads the media to the cutting plotter automatically. The cutting process is executed repeatedly with replacing the media. It enables to significantly improve productivity in cutting a large number of media with the same patterns. The following steps are automatically repeated continuity until specified number of copies are made.

It is suitable for post-processing of the printed media created with the print-on-demand in small production runs for producing various products such as labels, heat transfer sheets for custom apparel and the POP as table advertising.

An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it into the cutter. It is able to place the sheet media including Super A3 to A4 and its equivalent in the supply tray.

It is able to stack up to sheets of media or up to 35 mm high on the media supply tray. After cutting is completed, sheets are ejected in the tray. It varies by the material, thickness and condition of media. It is required to periodically remove sheets from the tray.

Dedicated software controls the auto sheet feeding system and transfers contour cutting data to the plotter. The system includes dedicated application software. After media is loaded, the attached camera quickly detects 2-point reference marks and corrects alignment before contour cutting data is transferred, giving you the perfect cut every time.

The software configures cutting conditions such as number of copies, cutting force, cutting speed, offset, and number of paths, and it can import Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW EPS files as the contour data.

Imaging TOP. Increases production efficiency by automatic reloading The auto sheet feeder reloads the media to the cutting plotter automatically. Detecting marks. Cutting contour. Media ejection. Applications It is suitable for post-processing of the printed media created with the print-on-demand in small production runs for producing various products such as labels, heat transfer sheets for custom apparel and the POP as table advertising. Auto Sheet Feeder Unit An arm with air suction cups lifts the media from the supply tray and places it into the cutter.

Catch tray After cutting is completed, sheets are ejected in the tray.It can send the cutting object created with popular design software of the Illustrator or CorelDRAW to the plotter, can also be used to control the plotter.

It has a variety of features as the preview window, the cutting condition settings and others. It enables you to take a full advantage of the plotter with a easy operation. The registration marks can be added into the arts board of the design application software.

The cutting object can be split into smaller tiles. When the object needs to be placed to the surface made by multiple panels or is larger than the width of the media, the object can be split to size for fit it. It is used for creating multiple copies of the same object.

Contour cutting way off on graphtec plotter.

The object is copied in specified matrix condition. The border line and weeding lines can be added around the cutting object automatically and then it is cut. It makes easier to remove the excess material from the media.

The Cutting Master 4 is able to assign the tool condition to the each color or the layer. The settings of tool condition as force, speed, quality acceleration and others can be set for the each color or the layer.

It can be performed in a single job by process of different types. New functions such as supporting crop mark, supporting processing on the reverse side, reversed color mark are available. It enables to enhance usability. The plot data file can be selected from the USB on the plotter, then cutting is performed.

This simplified work-flow enables users to operate without a computer. Bar-code is created by using Cutting Master 4. This prevents the usage of incorrect data, and improves work efficiency. After data is sent the first time, it can be copied multiple times without a PC. This improves productivity by shorting scan detection time. Cutting and creasing can be aligned to the printed graphics even if processing is performed on the reverse side of the media.

This prevents any scratches or damage to the printed graphic. Cutting Master 4 is able to configure FCX to execute the process in this condition. It expands the cutting area to include objects outside of the area enclosed by registration marks.

Production efficiency is enhanced by reducing media waste. Cutting is aligned to the printed graphic by printing the industry standard crop marks. Adding special marks with Graphtec software is not necessary. The Cutting Master 4 is able to create the registration marks either one of the normal style or reversal style. The reversal style mark has the reversed color and it is able to detect the mark on the media such as the type of glossy or shiny.

It able to specify the color of registration mark line and the color of paint around mark after software version 2. Imaging TOP. Cutting Master 4 Features Functions.When the cut line does not line up properly, it can be a simple fix depending on how the misalignment looks like. The registration mark method 4 marks or Segmented Marks can affect the cutting accuracy.

A set of segmented marks every 20" is recommended. Make sure it is in position 1 for kiss cutting.

graphtec kiss cut

If on Ethernet-connection, please connect via USB just for test purposesmake necessary changes on the port setting of the software and try again. If successful cutting from the suggested Graphtec software, please contact your 3rd party software for support.

If un successful or same results cutting from the suggested Graphtec software please contact Graphtec Technical Support. Roll feed.

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Optima V CE Lite Press Release. Accessories - Store. Notice Concerning Corona Virus. If all the cut lines are moved to one side either left, right, away, or closer to you while standing in front of the cutter that will be a simple calibration. If the cut line offset is going in different directions, the cause may be outside of the cutter. Member Login. Welcome, First Name! Log In.

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Enter Member Area. Message automatically replaces this text OK.I know this is an easy solve - it has to be. And I also know that my base issue is that I don't know the correct terminology so I can research it properly. These are both disclaimers so you hopefully don't roast me for either. I have a Graphtec ce, and I'm somewhat experienced with it, and moderately experienced with vinyl cutting in general.

graphtec kiss cut

My blade holder is in the front position to allow for full cutting as opposed to half or preforated. The registration marks are read fine, but when it comes to cutting time, the cuts are off by about what the difference is between the front and back blade holder positions. I know there is a setting to correct this. I just don't know what it is, or what it's called. Yes, I've read the manual, but haven't found the solution.

Can someone please pretty please help me out on this one? I know it's a simple solve, but it's making my hair fall out.

To the OP: You do realize that if you cut all the way through all the way around you will have a train wreck right? That's exactly why they do the perf cut so that the carrier stay enough intact to allow proper operation.

I don't own a Graphic so I can't help you with the offset problem sorry. Sort of like the Coyote in the Road Runner cartoon when he cuts a hole around himself and falls through.

Just put the words die cut stickers into the Ebay search bar and see all the stuff that comes up. I must be doing it wrong. I edited my post because I couldn't find the proof and didn't want to post untruths but then I found it. I wonder if the editing department was asleep when they put this one out. First, thank you for the fast replies.

I've used Signcut Pro. I have a license for Cutting Master 4. I'll stick to the perf cuts. Most of the Stickers I see tend to be contour cut and weeded around so only the printed sticker is left and the carrier either just cut up in squares or left on the roll to peel and stick.

IECHO sticker cutting machine with Kiss-cut tool

The perf cut way is cooler looking end product but will chew through your cutting strip if you do it a lot. It's also why they recommend only doing very simple shapes because simple shapes have less blade movement and thus less gouging into the strip. Pretty sure the Graphtec has a more robust and rubbery cutting strip in order to be able to withstand the perf cut better than the strictly plastic strips the cheaper cutters have. I know the Summa I own does. I still don't do it but I also don't print on vinyl so I'm not tempted.

There is a front and a back. The back aligns the blade with the cutting strip, which totally makes sense to me. The front aligns the blade over a channel, which is there to allow perf cuts without damaging your cutting strip please see the handy-dandy image attached. I was setting my blades up wrong for so long after I read that, and I think it was actually in a manual somewhere, no less. Your not cutting thru the vinyl contour cutting. The channel on mine is probably wider, as my cutter has the cross cutting feature on it.

Similar to Flexisignpro.Please call for installation, delivery and training information. The Graphtec F-Mark Plus is comprised of 3 main elements, the automatic media feeding arm with vacuum suction cups to pick up your media from the media tray, the cutting plotter Graphtec CE and the completed media catch tray. Not only does the F-Mark Plus offer a greater sheet size option over the F-Mark it also offers you the ability to crease media which makes it perfect for the in-house creation of pre-production packaging samples or bespoke folder creation if you choose the version with the creasing tool attachment.

One of the unique features of the F-Mark Plus is that depending on the thickness of the material being processedit can handle up to sheets 35mm max stacked media height of material in a continuous cycle but with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting process.

This is a capability that we consider sets the F-Mark cutting system apart from any comparable sheet-fed system. Software algorithms compensate for any distortion from the printing process to enable precise cutting with minimal bleed. There is also an option to cut perforated lines during file creation. Equipped with a precision dual eye-mark camera technology and dedicated software the F-Mark Plus allows for quick reading of crop marks with a precision grade of 0.

The cutting parameters set by the software allows the use of crop marks as small as four millimeters, enabling maximisation of the sheet size and minimal material wastage. Contingent upon the material being processed and the complexity of the image outline, the average cutting speed is seconds for each sheet. The holder is pre-sprung so does not require the additional spring unlike previous versions. Call Us For More Information: Description Additional information Description.

Blade Holders Graphtec Original 1. Blade Holders Graphtec Original 0.

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This website uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Send me a copy. Send Cancel.The CE series sets the standard for high performance, low cost cutting plotters. It is equipped with professional-level features such as registration mark sensing and perforation cutting for producing a dividing line of labels or packaging mock-ups.

The advanced features of the CE series improve your work efficiency and increases productivity. The new media stocker ensures a more stable media feed. A brake system is built in to prevent uncontrolled roll media unwinding. It assists the correct loading of heavy roll media.

FC8600 Series

It prevents media lifting without leaving a trace mark on the media and provides for stable long-length cutting. Auto-paneling is a new feature that automatically splits long-length jobs into smaller pages that are cut sequentially but without any gaps. The result is a seamless, long-length finished job. Media movement is limited to the smaller page being cut, improving accuracy and tracking.

This is perfect for cutting separation lines for tearing out labels, fold lines for POP signs, and others. The first registration mark is automatically detected within a wide search area; this eliminates the need to manually move the sensor near the registration mark position.

Subsequent marks are automatically located which improves the operability of the registration mark searching. The new fifth generation ARMS system expands the cutting area to include outside of the area enclosed by the registration marks.

This increase the production efficiency by reducing media waste.

graphtec kiss cut

The sensitivity of the registration mark sensor is automatically set by measuring the reflection level of the mark and the background of the actual media. The mark can be detected when the color of the mark has a reasonable contrast against the background.

For example, a white mark can also be detected on a coloured background. The COPY key has now been added to the control panel to allow fast access for making multiple copies of the downloaded data. Sequence of scanning the mark is changed for significantly reducing the mark detection time. Two set up menus, Simple and Normal, are available and can be chosen by the operator as desired.

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In the Simple operation mode, selecting the type of media also sets the necessary cutting conditions. Simple mode: Basic menus to ensure easy operation are displayed. Normal mode: Menus for setting of all the functions are displayed. Settings of the CE can be easily set up using the large LCD x dots and tactile control panel. It is icon driven and can be set up in 10 languages.

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This is an easy-to-use application software for creating original designs.Discussion in ' Graphtec ' started by 0igoDec 23, Welcome To Signs This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Contour cutting way off on graphtec plotter. Dec 23, 1. Usually I leave. It cuts right into my prints! This machine is so frustrating to use. Anyone have any idea how I fix this?

I've done other cuts at. Dec 23, 2. Which model Graphtec?

Graphtec CE-6000-40 PLUS Auto-Feeding Sheet Cutter

I have the FC There are 2 positions for the blade. The one is for kiss cuts, the other for cuts through the media. When I experienced this issue, it was because I had the blade in the wrong position. Dec 23, 3. So things that may need to be adjusted.